Family Photo Album

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Fog on the Pacific Ocean

From our backyard

Curt and Akiko

Beppu Bay in Japan (Akiko's hometown)

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Tora (1981-1996)

Akiko's first American cat. He died of cancer at the age of 15 on March 6, 1996. He was very good with kittens and was like Shadow's daddy.

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Cassie (1983-1998)

Curt adopted her from his friend in San Francisco. Somehow she liked people better than cats. She died of kidney failure at the age of 15 on October 13, 1998.

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He takes good care of all newcomers.

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His nose looks funny, because he had a skin cancer treatment. Now he has lost his left eye due to glaucoma, but he looks happier than before and even cleans himself well

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She is the first stray cat we found in our backyard when we moved in Pacifica. She now lives indoor with us.

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Mama's daughter

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Also Mama's daughter

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Daughter's son

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He had so many accidents and ended up losing his tail and left eyesight. He is now safe because he lives indoor.

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Daughter's daughter and Teddy's sister. Daughter had another boy who was adopted by a Japanese girl and has been living in Japan.

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Turq's brother. He has become very friendly since he started living in our terrace. We suspect he is related to Gizmo, Tipper, and Isis.

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Most acrobatic cat in our family. She is Curt's lap cat.

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Gizmo's sister and Akiko's lap cat. We call her Piranha cat, because sometimes if you pet her too much, she'll start snapping at your fingers. But she is really very loving.

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Gizmo's and Tipper's sister. She is the only one in our family who is allergic to flea bites.

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She was a very scared cat when she came to our house because she had been a stray all her life and the only person she loved passed away. Now, she is confortable with us and very affectionate, too; she loves our attention.

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Hunter (son) and Cali (mother)

Cali (originally a stray) gave birth to four babies in our terrace. Three of them were adopted by our friends. Hunter is not a leftover: we wanted to keep him.

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Cubby and Frankie

These boys were the son of Puma. We only caught Puma and her kids when we found them in our backyard one day. Unfortunately, Puma had been poisoned while living outdoors and she died of a destroyed liver only 2 months after moving in with us. Cubby and Frankie are taken care of by Shadow now.


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Kitty (mother) and Einstein (son)

Kitty (originally a stray) gave birth to five babies in our terrace. Four of them were adopted. Curt's mom named this very smart cat "Einstein".

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Temmy is Puma's sister and the aunt of Cubby and Frankie. Unlike Puma, we caught Temmy when she was young and so she is safe indoors. Temmy, or Temple, has bright eyes, like Shirley Temple, "Little Bright Eyes"

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Bear (Smokey the Bear)

Bear started showing up in our backyard in January 2000. We were going to release him after being neutered, but he ended up living in Curt's office as his office mascot.


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Blackie was discovered in our backyard in February 2001 hubbling on three legs. His left forearm looked badly damaged, but the vet cleaned it and now he walks just fine and is a very loving indoor cat.


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One day a friendly stray cat showed up in our backyard. We named him Freddie and took him to the vet for shot and neutering, then released him. Now he is back and officially one of our family members. Akiko's office has become his primary residence since October 27, 2001. Hunter, his best buddy, visits him and spends most of the day with him.


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Hanna had been showing up in our backyard sitting on one of the flower pots in 2001. Every time we brought food to her, she swiped at us. Now living in Curt's office with Bear, she has become very friendly. We suspect that she had a home before...